This is an opportunity to make conservation history.

Please join others in the Capital Region who love the Beaver Hills and support the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Keep the Beaver Hills Wild campaign.


We must do more, faster

And we can't do it without you.

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The dark green areas show where previously protected areas exist. The yellow lines signify wildlife corridors. The light green area highlights the focal region within the Beaver Hills that your vital donation to this campaign will help conserve.

The impact of your donation

When you give to the campaign to Keep the Beaver Hills Wild, you become an integral part of our work and Alberta’s and Canada’s conservation legacy. With your donation, we will:

Expand conserved areas

We will conserve areas near existing park lands, adding vital buffer zones for wildlife and increasing opportunities for people to connect with nature.

Provide safe passage

We will work with private landowners to maintain a wildlife corridor running the length of the Beaver Hills, safeguarding wildlife in search of food, breeding grounds and shelter.

Nurture nature

We will steward conserved lands, restore natural habitats, remove invasive plant species and manage the overall health of the land and water.

Conduct research

We will work with partner organizations to conduct scientific research to ensure the long-term survival of species found in the Beaver Hills.

Time is of the essence.

We must act now to keep the Beaver Hills wild. Please donate today.